Doing 70-100 High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV) flooring projects a month, we know our stuff. We are undoubtedly the top vinyl flooring provider in terms of volume and competitive pricing. With 33 Vinyl floorings you can choose from, we can cater to your exact requirement. No project too small and none too large for us. We are the leaders for HDB, Condos and commercial vinyl flooring. Whats’s more? Our 5mm High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV) can be paid with a 10 months Instalment Offer!!

53,884 Fans and 1000's of Clients

Don’t take out word for it. Just check out our testimonials and facebook page to see our rave reviews. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian, Foreigners, people just love us! Founded in 2009, our business has grown by leaps and bounds via word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients. Remember, what mattters most is the after sales service. We work fast, execute your project fast and we give youa a 10 year warrranty. Yes, you read that right. 10 Years!

Ok, im sold! But WHy Choose Vinyl?

Our 5mm High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV) is fade resistant, scratch resistant, moisture resistant, bacteria free, flame resistant, slip resistant and is a technically superior product to any other kinds of flooring. We are ISO 9001 certified and NQA 140 01 registered. Forget about natural hardwoods, they cost a bomb, require tons of maintenance and don’t deal with our local humidity well. High End Resilient Vinyl (HERV) is the current trend and future of flooring. No Glue, No Nails, No Hacking! Again, 1000’s of our clients cant be wrong!